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formerly comealongtylah and houroftheleventh

Can I be your friend?
Of course, lovely person!
How did you get your updates tab?
I have a graphics/code request.
Ooh, give it here! I can't guarantee I'll do everything, but inspiration is always always welcome.
Can you help me with my theme?
Absolutely! Just shoot me an ask and I'll see what I can do. Seriously, if your code is buggy and you can't figure out why, another pair of eyes might help.
Will you check out my blog?
It'd be cool if you were following me, but sure!.
Why are you not following me/why did you unfollow me?
I'm really really particular about the kind of stuff I post, and therefore I need my dash to have that kind of stuff. Odds are, I didn't follow because you don't post the same kind of stuff I do, not because you and your blog aren't awesome! Same with unfollowing, I do occasionally change my mind about whether or not I should be following somebody, and I treat mutuals just the same. That being said, if you're only following me because we're in a mutual, feel free to unfollow. I won't be offended, you deserve to have whatever dash you want.
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